Blossoming Harmony is dedicated to creating unique, fun and personalized weddings. We believe that celebrations should reflect the tastes and personality of the couple, so let us be the best friend that holds your hand through this exciting time. We will help you make the right decisions to fit your budget, wishes and desires are the most important.

The goal behind incorporating this Wedding Management Company is to provide the people all across the Globe with services rendering to their Wedding needs, in terms of providing of best Service providers, provision of gifts, information on do’s and don’ts in consideration to pre and post marriages and the most important yet the most sensitive area, of, managing the entire show.

Why a planner needed?
You don't have the time to organize events. Wedding is usually a one-off event. So you don't have the experience in organizing them. This is where a planner comes into picture.

A planner can save the client money. With even modest weddings costing, a planner can cut lots of costs by knowing which suppliers to choose, and how to negotiate. As your wedding planner, our knowledge and bargaining power can cut more off the bill than our fees will cost. So you save money by hiring us.

The planner relieves the client of all the worries about getting the event right. Then the client can just enjoy the evening. Which is what an event should be?

For some people, it's like buying insurance. We, as your event planner, have already built up expertise in running events. We develop a 6th sense that stops problems from occurring. And if the worst does happen, we know how to save the day.
Why Us
1. Your one stop shop for designer weddings.
2. Uniqueness to your wedding event.
3. Strong network to offer you various specialties from different cities of India.
4. Designer touch to enhance the ambience.
5. Highly cost effective.
6. We help you to figure out the best service providers of your town.
7. High professionalism and dedication.
8. Covering every aspect of wedding and giving a symmetric touch to it.
9. Our development department gives new concepts and designs.
10. Hassle free Wedding.
11. Working to exacting standards and timely delivery.
12. Ensuring that all the dealings with clients and suppliers are carried out with integrity and honesty and complete transparent manner
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